Am i bi curious quiz.

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I'm not gay! Lol - no thank you! Someone of the opposite sex comes and starts talking to you.

Your playing spin the bottle and its your spin and it lands on the pretty new girl what do you do?

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Only if they got them good goodies! Ok so am i bi curious quiz know i'm a lesbian and i really really like this one girl like i think she might like me back i mean she's nude girls iceland and is really cool and nice and i just really like her she calls me sexy porn perfect girl thinks i she believe in myself more and i just really like her i don't completely know it she likes me because what if she's just being nice i need some serious help non of my friends really understand i have no idea what to do please help.

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Questions and Answers. Which Type of Socialist are You? Welll I am bi-sexual so idk if I am les or strate.

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Don't sweat, guys! That's gross!

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Enter here your text you want to format. The bottle lands on a girl after you spin it.

What type of porn do you watch?

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Your best friend of years admits to you that shes a lesbian, what are your feelings?

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I like men not boys. A person of the same gender comes up to you and starts flirting.