Am ia tomboy quiz.

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Defenetly not a tom boy. Soccer WAGs Quizzes.

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Know the Latest News about Are you a tomboy! I really hate girly girls. Idk y peaple say dis but they say tomboys r stupid! Punk c.

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Delete this comment Cancel. I know for a fact that I am a tomboy, and don't need anyone else's opinion to tell me otherwise! Short-shorts c.

Am i A Girl Or Boy?

Change color. Averil SquirrelGirl - Developed on: Aishaa

This test will see if you are a tomboy, girly girl, or in between.

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Everything I've tried, tomboy tomboy tomboy! Go shopping with friends b. Keira Knightley Quiz. I have 9 friends that are boys and 3 that are girls.

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Big Brother. I always wear boys' clothes and I have a boycut!!! Best of luck!! I got girly girl.