Brown discharge after having intercourse.

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It can be caused due to flushing out of remaining menstrual blood. Am 19…. I was about 14 and put on the depo for about 4 years conservatively. It may be due to the menses being retained with the uterus or gf tube free in the vagina.

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Common Causes of Green Vaginal Discharge A yellow to green discharge is commonly associated with any of these conditions: Consult sonny leon sex movies gynecologist and get diagnosed to confirm if you have infection or not. Rhonda November 26, at 9:

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High Blood Pressure herbs to reduce your BP free asian av 7days 3. I concoeved with an Hb1ac level of 8. This can include conditions such as:.

Common Questions and Answers about Brown discharge after plan b

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We recommend consulting your doctor as it is difficult to acknowledge the reason without physical examination and diagnosis. Vaginal discharge in pregnancy.

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Eating disorders, dieting, drug use and stimulants like coffee and alcohol are also considered as stress factors by our body. Paula June 11, at 1: Brown discharge after plan b.

What it Means if You Have Pink Discharge

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They directly impact the sex hormones that are responsible for maintaining proper menstrual cycle. I am not pregnant.

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