Crazy party dares.

Dares for Friends:.

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Close Help. Skip backwards in a circle and sing a childish song. Ask for diet water in your nearest fast food joint.

Tell us your Truth or Dare Ideas

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Act like a crying baby. Have you made with someone of the same gender? Come hot naked sunny leone with famous people each person in your group looks like. Have you ever got feelings when I take dirty with you?

Long Journey Of The Company

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Home Home. Pretend to be that friend, too, by answering to their name. Pretend you are doing a striptease for 60 seconds.

Dares for Super Close Friends:

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Bare your feet and have them tickled by everyone. Bow to every stranger you meet.


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Even better: Put on your bathrobe and run around the block Home Home. Follow dareupyourparty.

Truth or Dare ideas from others

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Have you ever maintain a physical relationship? You can use these ideas as part of a regular party, in a round of Truth or Dare, or as a standalone dare party night.

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Wear all your clothes back to front. Upload any 3 videos in Snapchat and add three hashtags. Close your eyes and use lipstick and make-up to draw a pair of fake eyes over them.