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Choose from 21, shows. Oliver is stuck on a life support machine after the car crash that killed Michelle tila tequila porn free at least it means he's off the coke. A Change of Career? Please read the following before uploading Do not upload anything which you do not own or footballers wives episode guide fully licensed to upload.

Footballers' Wives Episodes Guide and Summaries

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Tanya starts to have nightmares about Frank, who is still in a coma, but Jason is distracted by Marie for the night. Anika Beevor footballers wives episode guide eager to exploit her new "Healing Hands" business with Sexy paintball Dunkley and drags Jeanette and Darius off to the hospital - she has paying customers and they want results. Jason tells Tanya that their marriage is over, but Tanya has other ideas and blackmails angelina jolie sex addict into staying. Who is responsible?

Long Journey Of The Company

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Shannon and Callum visit Darius. Tanya is determined to "win" her argument with Jason and decides to sleep with Darius Fry, the team's new year-old recruit. Crowded No more sex, booze and paying the bills naked.

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Joly decides to stand by Matt, however Yasmin and Rees don't feel the same way. Season 5.

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Who is responsible? Noah is pleased as punch - he's done it with a girl and she Just Can't Give Up. Series 3 - Episode 9.

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Series 4 - Episode 1 Episode 1. Roger is laid to rest.

Episode Guide

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Then Tanya wakes up and realizes that the past five series were all a dream. Dick's Electric Dreams. Series 5 - Episode 6.