Ganguro girl deluxe cheats.

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When a sweat drop appears in the hair area. Activate account! If nothing occurs, do it again.

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Ganguro Girl video walkthrough. When red blush-like circles are under your date's eyes.

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Answer correctly and her meter will go up. Dress Up School Girl. Nami Nishimura Phone number:

Ganguro Girl

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Defend yourself against gorillas, human tribles and other monkeys press A to shoot and S to jump. Bratz Flower Girl Dressup. Getting the diary when you do not have it: Grow crops and raise animals to sell for species nude pics sweet profit.

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Finally, you can still find our cheat database through the Archive. She will ask you a question.

Ganguro Girl 1.5

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Interact with your environment, solve puzzles and leave a colorful trail behind you. When a sarcastic girl quotes drop appears in the hair area. Crush rats and collect coins so you can purchase power-ups that help you escape. Browse by PC Games Title: