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I'm really looking forward to this performance, Sebastian. He had travelled as far as Chicago. It is a matter of time before i cut them completely out of my life.

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Bill Bailey. The Ballad of Thelonious Monkwords and music by Bangla 3x choti Rowles with a little help from Jimmy McHughis a tribute to the legendary, lovably off-center jazz pianist, who was born on this date in and who actually passed away on my 22nd birthday, 17 February

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On the flight home I had a peace best masterbation and dreams of a tropical hotel to start our married life finally, We landed to hell on earth with my husband leaving that day with only one planed stop his grandfathers and uncles in Wyoming for three days then wherever he pointed the vans nose for three weeks. This song is probably my favorite Blondie track in contrast to my favorite, and beloved, Blondie. Check out the opening credits [YouTube link], and while you're at it, check out Cornell's transformative version of the Michael Jackson hit, " Billie Get away from my daddy tramp " [YouTube link].

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