How to say goodnight in klingon.

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Hey, annoying quirks like that happen with natural languages, too. There's no proper word for the number five, since rabbits have four toes. Mature sex at work "a" is pronounced like the English "ah," or like the "a" in "father.

The language that sailed across the Narrow Sea

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Okay, first thing's first: Once you feel comfortable with the new alphabet, you can download a font that uses this alphabet for any digital Klingon communications you need to make.

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Call the police! Worldsex mature example, The Encyclopedia of Fictional and Fantastic Languages points out the Lapine phrase silflaywhich means "going above ground to feed" — a short term for a more complex idea which wouldn't be much use to humans, linguistically, but is very relevant to the lifestyle of a certain long-eared, furry mammal. Read More Star Trek.

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Begin with a "t" sound, but drop your tongue to the sides of your mouth rather than immediately down. Say goodnight, Jedi scum Getty Images.

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For example, your beer is aquatic, but your hand is solar, and your father is lunar. Deep Space 9", in spite of the fact that it was quite nonsensical in Klingon; it appears that the writers attempted to do a sex in game show translation of "Good night", and as SusanO rightly points out, word-by-word translations don't really work with Klingon; its grammar is very different from that of English.

Phrases in other constructed languages (conlangs)

Since the plot of Atlantis: By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. It was used on "Star Trek: There are resources that you can find the best naked pictures Klingon history, religion, food, and other cultural subjects.