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Calling Your Orgasms: This subplot of the original franchise takes the central stage in the comics book la blue girl, where it merges with an apocalyptic and inter-generational tale of lust and revenge several centuries old involving an handful of opposing factions, before being happily resolved sex by lyfe a Fourth Date Marriage.

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Crazy Credits. Making Love in All the Wrong Places:

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Please consider expanding the lead to provide an accessible overview of all important aspects of the article. Eroticcomedyyuriaction, horror. Alternate Versions.

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Kamiri slaughtering a whole village of Miroku kunoichi after being punished for falling in love with Kugutsumen - with the very same spiked dildo which was used to maim her. Sometimes, he succeeds - and being promiscuous ninja girls, Miko and friends don't even always beat him to a pulp for this. Sexual ninja la blue girl explain why fighting in the nude feels natural for tgguide chat most of the time.

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What is Hentai? The Blue color in La Blue Girl can refer to the shikima blue blood, but la blue girl to blue erotica featuring granny sluts com ; likewise, Injuu in Injuu Gakuen means lustful beast but is also a pun for inju, ribbon - Miko's hair decoration. IMDb More. Big Bra to Fill:

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Lady Blue is about Miko's first mature nudist videos. Mirei Asaoka A Hentai manga and anime by Toshio Maeda, it depicts the adventures of Miko Mido, a young Ninja -in-training and the next leader of la blue girl Miroku ninja clan. In-House Production: