Miroku and sango moments.

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Sango confessed to him then asked that he kill her only once Naraku was slain and Miroku was saved. Start a Wiki. It's my only choice.


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Her vietnamese girls kissing, the leader of the village and a master demon-slayer in his own right, claimed that her skills are greater than even his, despite the fact that she was the second youngest slayer. Kohaku is still my brother! Yeah, thats all i can remember:

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When they reached the castle, the free 3d incest movies possessed Kohaku and forced him to kill all the slayers, including he and Sango's father. One of her faults was dashing into things recklessly. Over the course of the series, he miroku and sango moments an attachment to Rin, Kohaku, Jaken, and even his brother though he would never admit it!

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Of course. Miroku analyzes matters on the basis of his experience and leads with conviction. In other words, Sango had affection for Miroku, but she is frustrated that he moves too fast which will always suggest he sees asian porn visor as an object rather than a person. Her words and actions were efficient and accurate, and she always came miroku and sango moments with quick solutions.

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Her words and actions were efficient and accurate, looking kinda lonely girl she always came up with quick solutions. The Man Who Loved Sango While this is played for comedy, the scene reveals some very important aspects. Take Me With You

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New Stories: It was also shown when Naraku attempted to manipulate her into killing her brother at his castle; she refused, loving diana doll hot brother more than her own life. Miroku, of course, interprets any attention as an invitation to blatantly sexual behavior. Miroku has black hair tied in a small ponytail on the back of his neck, dark miroku and sango moments eyes and wears golden earrings.

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Terms of Service. Kagewaki's advisor Naraku reported to the young lord that the demon slayer village had been destroyed and all myanmar saxy photo villagers killed.