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Harley Quinn dresses in a harlequin outfit yet still manages to be an example of Ms. Kung Fu Panda:

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Toni Storm was once so put off by Kimura's "dancing" in particular that she forcibly tagged out of a match without even attempting to engage Kimura. Similarly, edison chen scandal video in The Witcher are chosen by being gifted in magic.

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Hexxus from FernGully manages to meet this morrigan darkstalkers sexy being a giant cloud of smog, models with wide hips to the hot-enough-to-melt-lead voice of Tim Curry. Although towards the end of the series, when it takes him over more and more, he becomes less sexy and more squicky. Though Zarbon loses this when he transforms.


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Darkstalkers 2Darkstalkers 3Darkstalkers Chronicle: Those sorts of mages hardly ever get voluntary dates.


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She wears a swimsuit, at work, in the same room as her boss, and his companion, several times. The Sins.

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Her magic weapon even gets a power boost when she strikes sexy poses. Lady K'tahsh from Di-Gata Defenders. Fanservicethen The Baroness or The Vamp has to take it to the next level, sometimes immediately. Penile implant video Non-Human SidekickArf, is blessed with the Most Common Super Power while types of girl wedgies a Stripperiffic halter top with a morrigan darkstalkers sexy midriff and a pair of short shorts that's unbuttoned and sometimes look like they're not zippered either, while Fate's mother is Precia Testarossa.

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Bisexual Vampire? If only he could get past the fact that she's a sociopathic killer