Most sex ever had.

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I head back into the bedroom, and now that we were alone she turned into a sex fiend. We had sex until the morning. Just the anticipation and build up.

All world sex

Just straight up grabbed me and the night got started. I ran out to my car butt-naked and took off.

Long Journey Of The Company


How To Have Sex. We awoke maybe 12 hours later and went for round two… been chasing that high ever since.

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Not bad, just tense. As far as they knew, we were just cuddling…. An important lesson to learn there, never let a hyperactive boozed girl disappear.


It was amazing. We decided to go to my place. Mp3 player, speakers,6 pack of some tasty microbrew, plenty of cannabis, 3 hits of some quality LSD Needless to say, the night was sexiest girl PERFECT temperature to lounge around under the stars fully nude, tripping balls, and having the most amazing sex I will ever experience.

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The place was empty, but imagine my surprise when she suggested moving from the bedroom into the hallway. I crawled out of her second floor window, directly above a staircase, most sex ever had proceeded to jump out. I kicked the Girl on nitro circus out of the booth he was a pretty chill guy so we could play our favorites over and over.

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Interesting mix of wild sex with semi-stranger and intimate sex with long-time partner. I met this girl while I was traveling and we immediately hit it off. The next day, I saw her again, looking for me among the crowd. I ended a relationship so I could date her.