Quiz are you a tomboy or girly girl.

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Salimata Sylla Hayden Boys can also like princesses!

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Are you more of a tomboy, girly girl or in-between? Invite Next Author. Please leave empty: Filter Results By:

This test will see if you are a tomboy, girly girl, or in between.

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You arrive at school and go to first period. You see a spider on the floor. What do you do?

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Am I A Tomboy Or A Girly-Girl?

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Gender Male Female. I wanna get my nails done but still wear sweatpants. Thank you so much!!!!!

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I like girly stuff so what sue me! Login Sign Hot babes in long socks. First of all, there are not such things as "Boy shows", second of all, a tomboy's favorite color can be pink and a girly girl's favorite color can be blue, colors do not have genders!