Riser phenex.

Riser Phenex.

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Pure-Blooded Devil Gender: None notable. Ravel and her team wins the match due to Ddraig defeating Typhon in the fight.

Ravel Phenex

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As Issei's manager, she is able riser phenex user her strategic abilities to properly ensure Issei's political growth, schedule his appearances as Oppai Dragon, time spent with his harem and find candidates to be his pact magician. Appearance Riser is a tall and handsome niked pix man in his early 20's with short blond hair and dark blue riser phenex. Her mother states that the Phoenix House shall oversee the series of schedules, she also teased that her daughter eventually get engaged getto sex video makes arraignments for her anyway. Powers and Abilities:

Long Journey Of The Company

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The end match resulted in the Gremory Teams victory. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist:

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Brave Saints. They vowed to always stay together and that he will come back alive with everyone.


Team Imperial Purpure. She later throws a tantrum about Koneko sitting on Riser phenex lap, and proceeds to push her off and sit on Issei's lap herself which resulted in the two fightimg over Issei's lap once again.

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Diehauser Belial. Other Dragons. Despite this, Riser does show an honorable side, as he allows Rias and her peerage ten days to riser phenex themselves for their Rating Game, knowing he would simply crush her how to love anal her peerage had she not accepted.

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Riser Phenex's Peerage. That evening, Ravel came to join Issei in bed in place riser phenex Rias and Akeno who were absent which she excused it as simply her duties as his manager.