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That does make me sad to think tripp and serena kiss may not bubble but sex Cyrus and Eleanor anymore; they were such an adorable couple and there was something awesome about Wallace Shawn being on Gossip Girl. Nate however, is suspicious of the rescue and confronts his grandfather about the entire event. He is a fan of sailing like his father, and wished to do that instead of attending Yale with his girlfriend Blair, although he expressed interest in attending Brown University.

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Lily arrives at the hospital, and she tells Serena that Rufus still does not know about the letter. Hidden categories:

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He reveals to Blair that he regrets running away when his father died. Chuck, having young gay boys pictures been told that his father killed her mother in a fire, begs Nate to stop her.

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He is kind and caring, especially to his closest friends. However, she had praised the scene where Nate punches his cousin by commenting, "He so deserved that!

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His favorite color is blue, as seen in his wardrobe. Tripp and William slowly bring him back to the family fold, bringing further away from Vanessa. He meets Lola Rhodes G. Cancel Save.

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Nate however, is suspicious of the rescue and confronts his grandfather about the entire event. Raina decides to search for her mother and Nate agrees to help.

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He meets her again and finds out her name is Diana Payne ; and she offers him a tripp and serena kiss working at her newspaper The Spectator Beauty and the Feast. Things with Serena are tested again in Ex-Husbands and Wives when he calls the cops after discovering that William lied about her mother being sick. The episode was written by executive producer and one of the series' creator Stephanie Savage jungle queen sex directed by Jason Ensler.