Why do people cry during sex.


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And what, if anything, do they mean? Share via Twitter. How do i tell my bf i dont like doggy style? By Vanessa Marin.

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Sex was meant to be an emotional and spiritual connection between two people who love each other according to the bible, married folks. Are they in pain or in pleasure?

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If I push him, he doesn't really feel anything, so he has to pay attention and ask. ALSO, the more details you give, the better answers you'll get.

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Here's what she had to say:. Source s:

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If your partner seems confused, "being honest is the best policy," says Sarah Nasserzadeh, Ph. PSA though: Madhuri dixit hot in saree best way to get me screaming is by holding me down. ALSO, the more details you give, the better answers you'll get.

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I love this question. If it is hurting I can see why but other than that I'm not sure. Wrong hole! Why would a guy lesbian first time clips his gf how many dudes she had sex with?


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We can't really explain why some people cry and others don't, or why it only happens to people every once in a while. Yahoo 7 Answers. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. If you're not sure what's being triggered, talk to a professional and check sexvieos this article about repressed memories and sex.