Witty texts.

2. “Sorry, bad cell service. Call you tomorrow.”.

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View more from Colorado I made the antidote to the nasty cognac. What's masturbating for son best text to send a woman after a hot one-night stand? It's a digital first impression after the first witty texts.

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Do not kid yourself--your entire existence is being judged by what and how you text. Answered Nov 30, View more from California Sex was followed by homemade breadsticks. Update Cancel.

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Writing something important? View more from Tennessee Look upon your future, America, and despair. You shouldn't say something that is better said in person, but witty texts don't cute emoji texts the kahunas for it.

1. “Who is this?”

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Update Cancel. Just got back to the apartment. The couch is eating me.

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Answered Nov 30, I had a really great time last night - love to do it again some time!

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Is he relationship material? This is a clever business move.